Kim and me

Kim and me

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally!!!!! Some progress.

Yesterday, at approximately 6pm, Kim and I finished preparing my second novel for publication. Thanks to Kim for her devoted help and her ability to figure out how to do things on the computer. The book is 'The Inca Prophecy' and I ordered three proof copies from Once I receive them, and they have been read and corrections noted, I will resubmit the book and it becomes available for purchase. It's been a long time coming and I can't wait to see it in my hands.

Approximately two weeks ago, we were returning to DFW from a long weekend spent at Kim's cabin in Big Bear California. We disembarked from the plane and walked through to the unsecure side of the airport to get our luggage. I noticed a good friend who works with me standing by the luggage carousel with his three daughters. The oldest one, approximately eleven years old, was jumping up and down when I approached. I disbelieved she was excited to see me but that was exactly what was happening. She had read my first book 'Whispers from the Past' and her dad had seen me and pointed me out to her. Even though my stories have not been marketed, I'm so happy that the people who have purchased them have enjoyed them as much as they have. I hope 'The Inca Prophecy' gets the same reaction.

BTW....not only is 'Whispers available on in paperback or for the kindle, as of yesterday it's also available for the Barnes and Noble Nook!