Kim and me

Kim and me

Friday, December 31, 2010

An end to the holidays

Well, it didn't happen like Kim and I had planned but the holidays come to an end tomorrow. Unfortunately I've had bronchitis the last 3 or 4 days which has kept me from doing some of the things I had wanted go to work tonight.  :)  Connor, Heather, and Amber all left for home today and I'm already terribly sad and missing Connor tremendously. He and I have such a good time together and he enjoys it here in Texas whenever he can come. Amber and Heather had plenty of time with their friends and sister Megan but I sure would have liked to spend more time with them for Christmas. We had so much planned that we didn't do like ty dyeing t shirts and stuff, we didn't do it because we were incomplete. Anyway, Connor enjoyed ice skating, the movie Tron, the Tarantula train from Grapevine to the stockyards, and so many other things. It was a good few days with him. I can't wait until I get to see him again.

I've written my 2nd article for the Mormon Times but it has not been edited yet. I haven't written anything new in the Ireland book for a couple of weeks but look forward to that opportunity when I start my new shift at work. Terminal A section A1...I'll be working on live planes again instead of driving or parking them.

Been an emotional week.....I hope the recovery comes quickly...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Published in the Mormon Times online edition

It's been a while since posting and this is for good reason, I was waiting for today!

This morning my first travel blog was published in "The Mormon Times" online edition. It's the story about my daughter Amber and I traveling to Thailand to see the tigers of the Buddhist Tiger Temple. I hope you will all read and enjoy the blog because there are many more to follow.

Because of my job with American Airlines, I have the opportunity to travel a lot. I love the other cultures I've visited and have tried to express my admiration and interest by writing my novels. Now I have another voice with the newspaper and I'm going to take every advantage of it.

Thanks to my beautiful wife Kim. Her encouragement and support have been immense. I could not have done any of this without her. Her knowledge of the English language and her own creative writing ability is THE reason why I'm published and why I love to write. Thanks sweetheart.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bangkok and the Tiger Temple blog

My first blog has been accepted by Deseret News Corporation for the Mormon Times! Not sure if this means it will definitely be in print or not but its gone to the editors and hopefully will be on the online version soon. My thanks to Kim for proofing it for me and tweaking it in ways that only made it better. Thanks to Amber for going on such an amazing trip with me a few years ago. We played with actual tigers!

Next blog idea will be Ghent Belgium and the castle of the counts.....hopefully we can keep this ball rolling. Getting my name out there is a huge thing because I need help promoting my novels. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bitz and Pieces

I've been at work 9 hours already and still have 5 1/2 to go. While I've been sitting here a few thoughts have crossed my they are

I have 25 copies of Whispers from the Past available. It would make a great Christmas present for teens or older. If anyone would like one please contact me or go to where its still available as a paperback or for the kindle.

Flew to Utah to see Connor three days ago. While I was attempting to get my rental car to go pick him up from day camp (he is off track from school) I was told my license had expired and they could not rent me a car. I had renewed online on November 1st but the new licnese had not arrived yet and I'd forgotten the one I've been driving with wasn't any good. I didn't get to see Connor and I still feel very bad about the missed opportunity.

Kim and Logan are in California celebrating Christmas three weeks early with family-wish I could be there but I had to stay behind to work. My days off don't coincide with theirs. Anyway, wishing and hoping Kim and Logan have a great time while I am working and trying to make extra money to pay off the plane tickets I've had to purchase for my kids to fly down here for Christmas....can't wait to see them!!!!!!

Hoping to take Connor to Portugal in February when he is off track again. I have all kinds of things planned. Lots of castles and palaces as well as a church made of bones and skulls and a marionette museum. I pray it all works out where I can get him a passport in time so he can enjoy the international travel his sisters have enjoyed for a decade.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Stoked about an opportunity

Big, big news! I've emailed the editor of a Salt Lake City newspaper about possibly reviewing "Whispers from the Past" and they are interested and a copy is in the mail. As if that isn't enough, the same editor wants to know if I'm interested in writing articles on travel for the online version of the paper. I'm stoked to say the least. I've spent some time looking for travel blogs that I could write and now this opportunity, or at least possibility, would be even better. :) I have a long way to go but I'm as qualified as anyone to write travel articles just because of the extensive amount of trips I've taken out of the country with my kids and wife Kim. I think the standing tally is 24 countries in the last eleven years. Keeping my fingers crossed that they like my book and hopefully a long standing relationship will be the result.

Big weekend in football. I have to say that I'm so for the University of Utah beating their rival BYU even though my beautiful daughter Amber is a Cougar. Good luck to the Utes and best wishes for making a good bowl game. Probably the Las Vegas Bowl since TCU will be going to a BCS game.

Still writing "The Eye of Magog" and thinking its pretty good. I know some things I'll need to change even before finishing the first copy. Thanks to the people who have read my stories and offered feedback to me, its proven very helpful.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A visit from Connor

Last week I put Connor on a plane home after a wonderful two week visit from Utah. He was off track from school and spent most of the time with us in Texas. I just want him to know how wonderful it was to be with him. Here are some pictures taken at the Romanian Food Festival in Colleyville and the mini railway train by Fort Worth Zoo.  I miss him already !!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Eye of Magog

The Eye of Magog is becoming pretty cool! I love to write when thoughts and ideas pop into my head because I'm so into my own story. I'm just about 34,000 words and based on the first 3 novels this would put me at just about the half way mark. Of course I don't know how many words this will end up with and I try not to plan that way. Animals are starting to play an important role in the story which I never would have expected when I first started out writing. I really like it!

For those who have read Whispers by now, please give me your feedback either using the email on my website or just making comments here on the blog. Bookmark the website if you like, I enjoy people that keep coming back.

Thanks for checking in.....


Friday, November 19, 2010

Cool !!!!!

It only took one day for "Whisper from the Past" to be available for kindle when the first copy was downloaded to a good friend I knew in the mission field in Georgia. I guess I did it correctly then. Yay me!!  Thanks to the people who have been interested in reading my work....
Where did my work come from?   I have to say when I first wrote Whispers it was for my daughters. My international trips with them were my inspiration and the places I write about are places I've seen myself. Very few locations in my book are fiction but there are some. These countries, The Netherlands, Peru, New Zealand, and now Ireland I absolutely fell in love with and I hope I've depicted them in a way that shows that.
What will I write about next?   Hmmmmm.  I will have dedicated a book to my parents, Megan, Amber, and Heather so Connor is next. He is going with us to Portugal in February so I guess we'll see.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whispers from the Past on Kindle

Whispers from the Past is now available on's Kindle !!!!!! This is the first time I've published anything electronically so I hope it works.....For those of you who are advanced electronic readers I hope you find that its an enjoyable book!!!!

On a separate note...I'm just about half way through with "The Eye of Magog".....The book has taken an unexpected turn as I write.....I'm exicted about it though and look forward to finishing the first writing so I can put more attention to the previous 3 books and do what needs to be done there.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Whispers from the Past has been well received by my peers at work and a few copies have even sold on I need to do two things with my first book. First I need to market it somehow...not sure how yet. A distributor is reading it, one who has read it before, and  hopefully distribute it for me to the mainline book stores. Second, I want to make it available as an ebook for Kindle.

The Inca Prophecy needs to have a final read through done of the manuscript. Once that is done the book cover and everything else is ready to go and we'll be ready to order a proof copy. My goal is to have it available by the end of the year if not before. If the ebook works with Whispers I'll obviously do the same for all my books.

The Kiwi Conspiracy is still waiting for an editor. I have some people interested in editing it but I need to rewrite some content first and its on the back burner until I finish the original writing of book 4 and also finish up on The Inca Prophecy.

The Eye of Magog, my Ireland book, is 34,000 words complete. I don't really have a goal for number of words but so far the previous 3 books are all around 75,000 words. I love the story and have anticipated writing it for years. Its still a long way away. After the initial writing I'll take a red pen and go through the manuscript and prepare for a rewrite....then editing and any changes that need to be made. This book will be dedicated to my daughter Heather.

I'll try to do a better job keeping this updated as to what is happening with my writing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A chance to read the beginning of "The Inca Prophecy"


March 1488

            It was bitter cold. Of course this time of the year it was always cold in the mountains. Several feet of snow blanketed the entire city, and the howling wind continued to blow even more snow in drifts against the scattered buildings. The freezing air, coupled with the high elevation, made it nearly impossible to breathe for anyone unfortunate enough to be caught outside.
            Inside, it was much warmer because of numerous fires that heated the large, stone dwelling. There were no cracks in any of the walls, so cold drafts were not present anywhere throughout the interior. Smoke from the heating fires was ventilated through the ceiling, and this left the interior toasty and the air clean.
            Despite the comfortable temperature inside the temple, Kinkinot was freezing. The blankets that covered her were doing little to prevent her from shaking. To pass the time, she watched her parents, working alongside numerous priests, preparing for tomorrow’s ritual. Kinkinot’s mother was finishing the ornamental pot that she would take with her on her journey. Her father, puffed up with pride, was preparing his face with the dyes that would make him appear acceptable before the gods. He had already strapped his gold breastplate over his chest in anticipation of the morning’s events, even though the beginning of the actual ceremony was still hours away. Her parents were excited because this was going to be their special day―a day which would elevate their status among the people to a new level, almost nearing that of royalty.
            Kinkinot was reasonably adjusted to receiving attention. Her whole life she had been considered special and had been prepared for what she knew would inevitably happen. Anyone with such rare physical characteristics as she would be considered extremely valuable by her people. During her twelve years of life, she had been catered to by all of the king’s servants and priests. Her parents had been allowed to live with her within the king’s home, and all three of them were treated with the most respect that could possibly be given to people who did not belong to the royal family.
            Over the years, several warriors had died protecting her from men who came in the night and who had attempted to kidnap her so that she could be used for their purposes instead of being a benefit to her own people. Now, as the dawn rapidly approached, the purpose of her creation would soon be fulfilled, and all the warrior spirits who had sacrificed themselves would be rewarded immeasurably by Apu Punchau, the god of the sun.
            Kinkinot continued to watch her parents as they worked. She had long given up any chance of falling asleep for the night. Her eyes remained wide open as a wall of anxiety continued to press in on her. She continued to feel cold from the inside out. It’s not that she wasn’t honored to be in her position, because she truly was. Not every child is blessed with the attributes she was born with. In fact, no child in the history of the Incas had ever been known to have what she had. That was the reason why she was so special. That was why she would undertake the journey that the civilization’s elders had prescribed for her since the very day she was born. She didn’t have to like it though―and she didn’t.
            Life had been good so far. In fact, she had really enjoyed it. The eventuality of the ritual had seemed so far away that she hadn’t really given it much thought until just recently. She had been allowed to play with the other children. She had been granted permission, on many occasions, to associate with the adults. Just a few months earlier she was introduced to the supreme Inca chief, Capac Yupanqui. He traveled for three days to her home just to meet her and bring her back to his temple, where she has been ever since.
            She had been allowed to eat the very best of the crops and the best cuts of meat. She had never been asked to work or to provide for others while everyone else in the city dutifully provided for her and her parents without any animosity. All in all, she had experienced a very sheltered life, but one that she had enjoyed immensely―at least up until now. She really couldn’t complain though. Her parents had been exalted because of her birth. Previously they had been nothing more than farmers in the city of Ollantaytambo. Now they were the social equals of almost anyone in the entire city of Cuzco, with the exception of the King himself. They definitely had been blessed by the gods because of her. And now, very shortly, she would be paying for the preferential treatment that her family had enjoyed for the last twelve years.
            Two hours before dawn, Kinkinot’s mother slowly approached her. In her hands was the woven dress the priests ordained that she should wear. It was made of wool from the finest alpacas in the whole kingdom. The softness of the garment was second to none, and the many stripes and shapes of dyed reds, blues, and yellows appeared vibrant and alive. Her mother assisted her in changing from her night clothes to the ceremonial dress. Immediately Kinkinot realized she had never worn anything that felt so smooth against her skin. As soon as it slipped over her head she appreciated the peasants who had harvested such choice materials just for her big day, and she hoped they would receive Apu Punchau’s special attention for their efforts.
            After she was dressed, several priests within the chamber proceeded to help in completing the remaining preparations. As she watched everyone going about their assigned rituals, she casually looked around at the temple walls. Even at her young age she appreciated the craftsmanship that went into the construction. Stones, weighing thousands of pounds each, were cut and fit together with precision. No mortar was used, and yet the walls were airtight. This was just one example of the Incas’ incredible skill in craftsmanship.
            She wanted to reflect more on her people, but unfortunately her thoughts were interrupted by the activity of the priests around her. She secretly wished they would all just leave her alone and maybe even forget she existed. Maybe then she would be able to escape from having to take the journey and could return to Ollantaytambo and live out her life the way she wanted to and not the way others dictated. Instead, she graciously knelt before a supervising priest while a woman braided her long, flaxen hair. Another woman inspected her dress and once satisfied, began to decorate her face with the colors and symbols that were sure to please Apu Punchau. For the next hour, Kinkinot continued to respectfully submit to the attendants while her parents looked on. She couldn’t read any regret on her parent’s faces, and she assumed there was none; after all, their daughter was special. They were honored that she could be a benefit to the entire empire. She wondered soulfully if they would even miss her.    
            After her appearance was deemed acceptable for the gods, the ceremonial feast was next on the agenda. Numerous slaves entered the chamber with trays of food which they placed on a stone hearth in the middle of the room. Preserved fruits, vegetables, and meats of every variety were in abundance, which seemed odd to her since she was the only one allowed to eat. By this time, the butterflies that had been residing in her stomach for the last week had in recent hours turned into gnawing rats. The pain was becoming so bad that when a plate of food was brought to her, she wondered how anyone could actually expect her to eat. Did they not understand that the fear she tried so hard to hide was making her sick? But then again, she had concealed her anxiety so well that she knew she would remain alone in her suffering.
            The little meat that she was able to swallow burned her dry throat. The maize that was normally sweet tasted bitter when mixed with the bile that continuously escaped her stomach. Still, she knew what was expected of her, and she ate small portions of everything that was provided. She knew that if anything appeared distasteful to her, those who were responsible would be sacrificed. Therefore, she made a real effort to camouflage her lack of appetite.
            After the completion of her meal, it was becoming light outside. The sun had not quite peaked over the eastern ridge of snowcapped mountains, but it was well on the way. The outside temperature would still be cold when it came time for the trek, but that was really the least of Kinkinot’s concerns. Soon she would be on a journey where outside air temperature wouldn’t matter. At least that part of her fate would be pleasant.
            Finally, the head priest brought her a gold chalice of chichi, a ritualistic drink made of cocoa and maize. This drink, Kinkinot knew, would start the numbing process. She accepted it gratefully from the priest and downed it as fast as she could, hoping that the numbness would come quickly. She knew that she could have as much of the magical drink as she wanted, and it was her plan to become as numb as physically and mentally possible. Within minutes of her first sip, Kinkinot became unaware of her surroundings. Inwardly her thoughts were coherent, but it was there that any additional cognitive thought stopped. The drink had caused her to lose her mobility. She slumped on her bed and closed her eyes. Her last visual stimulus was that of her parents, with looks of great anticipation on their faces as they watched her drink the chichi. Would it have made any difference if they understood how she felt? Probably not; they were actually the happiest that they had ever been.
            Her hair! It was all because of her hair. Well, not just her hair, but also her eyes. Nobody in the history of the Inca people had ever been born with yellow hair. At first, when she exited her mother’s womb, her father thought that she was cursed. He raised a stone with the intention of ending her life but was stopped by a well-meaning friend who talked him into consulting with the leaders of their village. Several priests were summoned, and it was later determined, by them, that she was not cursed but instead was a very special child who could later be used to benefit the entire civilization. From that day forward, she was considered to be a gift from the gods. It was a few months after her birth that the color of her eyes was noticed. Just like all newborns, Kinkinot’s eyes were a dark grey for the first few months of her life. Gradually, during the course of several weeks, her eyes changed to a vivid green. Up until then, every Inca throughout their history had ended their infancy with brown eyes. Again, the priests conferred and decided that never had a child had so much potential. Her uniqueness was appreciated and worshipped by everyone in the empire.
            Now, as her thoughts continued to race on in her mind, she was blissfully unaware of what was happening to her body. She had been wrapped in warm, comfortable blankets that protected her from the bitter cold. Her petite frame was gently laid down on a woven board and reverently picked up by four of the bravest warriors, one holding each of the corners. She was respectfully carried outside, completely unaware of the snow that fell about her face (the only part of her still uncovered).
            The King himself led the procession for the three-mile journey outside the great city. Next in line was Kinkinot with her tenders, followed immediately by a throng of priests, warriors, and peasants, all of whom followed her progress eagerly. The heavy snow blanket that had fallen throughout the night absorbed the sounds of the surrounding mountains―an eerie quiet being the result. No footsteps were heard from the procession, and even the sounds of nature were dampened as if the wild animals of the Andes were watching closely. It seemed as if all nature understood the significance of what was about to transpire. Even though the snow continued to fall, the sky was only partly cloudy. Sporadic sunshine struck the mountaintops and at times fell, along with snowflakes, upon Kinkinot’s face. For those who were conscious of their surroundings, it appeared as if the multitude was caught between two worlds or, at least, two seasons. Many who witnessed the unusual weather wondered silently about its significance.
            The sacrificial chamber loomed ahead. Most of the people would never be allowed to enter. Even her parents were prohibited from being with her for the start of her final journey, but she wouldn’t miss their presence because of the chichi. She knew what was happening, but she really didn’t care anymore. She was numb to all feeling and continued to swim against the current of her private thoughts. The chamber itself was very small, being large enough to hold no more than the King and twenty priests. The rest of the people would be forced to wait out in the confusing weather. The structure itself was built of perfectly hand-cut stones with an opening at both ends. The roof was made of dried maize stocks, thatched together in a near airtight weave, which prevented snow or rain from entering the chamber itself. Within the small room was nothing but a stone altar which sat on the dirt floor directly between both doorways. There were no windows to let in light, so the only illumination came from candles on each corner of the altar. This left most of the room in shadows.
            Kinkinot was carried by the untiring warriors through the south doorway and then laid carefully upon the altar. The blankets were slowly removed, and the head priest stepped behind the altar to face the privileged few that were allowed admittance. He looked upon the face of Kinkinot lovingly, almost worshipping her as he checked her responsiveness to different stimuli. Satisfied that she was completely in her own world, he was ready to conduct the ceremony. He had anticipated this day for almost twelve years and had long ago prepared the prayer that he recited now.
            This was to be the greatest of sacrifices! The sacrifice of the chosen one!
            Kinkinot was still happily oblivious. She was actually dreaming that she was still in her bedchamber and eating the carefully prepared feast, but this time it wasn’t making her sick. She distantly heard the words of the priest but could make no sense of what he said. She wondered why he was talking so much, and why was he in her bedroom anyway?
            The chamber remained silent after the priest finished reciting his prayer to Apu Punchau. He turned to his left where he picked up the knife he was to use. It was solid gold, shaped like a rounded garden hoe without the wooden handle. It was also as sharp as anything the Incas had ever crafted, which was necessary to keep the soft 24k gold from bending during its use. The priest looked down at the radiant girl lying upon the altar and admired her hair. He wanted to see her eyes one more time, but they were closed and he accepted that. He raised the knife above his head and held it there as he looked out into the small group. The witnesses all held their breath in anticipation of the stroke that would send this gift of the gods on her way.
            Suddenly, and without warning, Kinkinot’s dreams came to a point where she briefly had the ability to physically move and speak. She sat up and opened her green eyes. She was still oblivious to her surroundings and didn’t notice the priest who was poised to strike―or the shocked people who were gathered around.
            After a short pause as if to heighten the climax, she opened her mouth and said, “My friends . . . my people, I will return!”
            She lay back down and closed her eyes. The audible gasp within the room was not enough to deter the priest. He flinched momentarily but decided within the very same second she spoke that it was a good omen. Convinced beyond any doubt of his actions, he brought his knife down and completed the sacrifice. 


Monday, November 1, 2010

The World Series is over. My Rangers came up short to the San Francisco Giants 4 games to 1. Disappointed?  Sure....but also very proud of their performance during the season and through the playoffs. This year has been one of turmoil. The Rangers organization went bankrupt and had a change in ownership midway through the season. They have shown my sons how baseball should be played. Not only on the field have they been a good example but off the field and in the clubhouse. They have shown the world what its like to have fun at work. They have gone about their season with childlike enthusiasm and I'm proud of them. They have shown my sons what it means to be a teamate and no an individual. We came up short but accomplished sooooo much and I can't wait until next season. Now, Nolan, resign Cliff Lee and lets do it again!!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Been pretty busy watching SPORTS

My apologies....I have still been writing my Ireland story but I have not taken the time to post anything on my blog...the reason you may ask?  Well, been concentrating on the World Series....Go Rangers !!!!!!!!!

31,000 words into "The Eye of Magog" and I really like the story so far....I hope it continues to write this easily.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers vs Giants

What an exciting time in North Texas. The Ranges not only won their first playoff series in their history but now they are going to the World Series to play the San Francisco Giants. Its been a spectacular post season. The series have all been pretty good. The Rangers outscored the Yankees in the ACLS 2 to 1 and there was poetic justice in the very last out when A-Rod struck out. Now the Giants....the first team I ever saw in person on April 26th, 1974. Tom Seaver pitching for the Mets and we even had a streaker. I'm 100 percent behind the Rangers....I've never seen any team quite like them. They are really a team and not just a group of individuals or stars. Go Rangers !!!!!! But win or lose, you've made me proud to be a fan.

Friday, October 22, 2010

We are going to the World Series

For the first time in their history, the Texas Rangers are going to the World Series. I've been a fan for the fifteen years I've lived in the Dallas Metroplex and I'm as excited now as I have been in a long time. This is as good as the Utes beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl a couple of years ago. I think everyone should look at the Rangers, notice their example. They have a terrific clubhouse and are as close as any team I've ever seen. Josh Hamilton, the ALCS MVP said after their clinching game 6 win against the Yankees tonight that he loves his teamates....also, the Glory is Gods.  go Rangers !!!!!!

Came across this today...valuable info for divorced fathers

Kindle or not to Kindle?

I sat on a plane yesterday next to a retired emergency room doctor from Jackson Wyoming. She was busy reading a book on her amazon kindle so I decided to ask her some questions about it. After our conversation I've decided that publishing "Whispers" as an ebook is a must. Now I just need to figure out how to do it.

The lady, I did not get her name, was one of the most informative and intellectual people I've ever sat next to. She is also an aspiring writer and I wish her luck.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back Home

Sitting in the Salt Lake City airport. I think its strange to sit in the airport waiting...not to catch a flight but waiting to get my rental car because I can't afford to pay an extra day's charges if I pick it up to early. Anyway, nice flight, beautiful leaves changing....I'm here to see Connor for a couple of hours and then Amber at BYU...its her birthday next week and I want to take her to dinner. I wish my kids knew and understood how much I love and miss them. For almost three years there have been forces at work trying to tell them differently.

I get to see mom and dad too...staying there tonight. Be on my way back home to Kim at this time tomorrow. Hopefully.  I hate airports.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I came in to work today and a guy I work with named Keith told me his daughter really likes "Whispers from the Past." That was cool enough hearing that but then he said she likes it so much she went to her school library and requested that they get it. Is that cool or what? I hope everyone enjoys my writing that much and it sure makes you feel good knowing something you love to do is appreciated.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Was reflecting back to my Wedding Night

On August 18th 2009 Kim and I were married in Logan Utah. That night we stayed at the Anniversary Inn on 5th south. We stayed in a room called Sun Valley and had an absolutely wonderful stay. We were served sparkling apple cider as well as chocolates. The room was partly a log cabin and outside the cabin (the other half of the room) was like outside the cabin including a waterfall shower into a jetted oversided tub. There were trees and rocks and even a skunk! Everyone should check out this place because it's really worth it. I'm including a link to their website because its that fantastic to share. Kim and I can't wait until we can get to Utah again and try the jungle room.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty good weekend in Sports

This weekend could have been better but I shouldn't be greedy. For starters...The Texas Rangers led the Yankees 5-0 into the 7th inning in the first game of the ALCS but surrendered 6 runs to lose 6-5 after a fantastic starting pitching performance by CJ Wilson. The very next night the Rangers beat the Yankees 7-2 and now the series heads to New York for games 3,4,and 5....Wish we were up 2-0 instead of 1-1.

The University of Utah Utes beat Wyoming 30-3 in Laramie on saturday and this was even after the Utes had the ball intercepted 3 times. I think good things are in store for the Utes this year again. They are 6-0 and have some tough games left to play at Notre Dame, Home against TCU, and Air Force in Colorado Springs. I think they very possibly could go undefeated again and play in a BCS bowl.

In the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Minnesota Vikings in the twin cities. Now this means my favorite NFL team won because that team is whoever is playing the Cowboys....Can't stand em...never have been able to. Their fans drive me nutz with their "America's Team" crap. :) Well, I can say with some confidence that the Cowboys are probably the best 1-4 team in the NFL. (pffft)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Orleans.....The Big Easy......The most Haunted Place in the world

I posted already about the Lalaurie Mansion and shared pictures of stuff I can't explain. Here is a little bit about the rest of our trip to New Orleans.

On Tuesday, we flew there. On Thursday, we flew home!  Oh yes, there was some stuff in between. For instance, we stayed in the Chateau Bourbon Hotel and are balcony looked down on Bourbon Street. Even though it wasn't Marti was very noisy until 2 or 3 in the morning but it was fun anyway. The first night we even had a acapella gospel singer right below our window...actually had a good voice too. We not only went on a ghost tour the first night, but we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, drove to the Laurie Plantation about an hour north of New Orleans up I-10. We went on a courtyard garden and history tour. We also did a lot of walking around to see things on our own. I do need to mention Kim had a crayfish omelet and I warned her I would not kiss her for two days after. I think she still has a leg trying to pry itself out between her lips even now. Good trip, lots of fun with my young bride. I do reflect back to several years ago when I first started taking my kids on trips that I took all three girls to New Orleans for the day. Wonderful city and its truly like visiting a foreign country. Unfortunately this will be our last trip for a while do to finances but I can't complain, we've had a wonderful year so far with traveling.....Amsterdam, Atlanta, San Antonio, Belgium and now Lousiana.....thank you Kim!

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Orleans....the most Haunted city in the world?

Kim and I just returned home yesterday after two nights in the Big Easy. We had a wonderful trip as we always do when we are together. Our hotel was in the French Quarter with a balcony overhanging Bourbon Street.

One of the things we did while in New Orleans was take a walking ghost tour of the French Quarter. The pictures posted here are of the Lalaurie Mansion and you can read accounts of the terrible things that happened at this location on April 10, 1834. Now look at these pictures and tell me what you see.

Monday, October 11, 2010 youngest child for the last 8 years I've always hated taking my dog Marsha to the kennel when I go out of town. She's always been so sad and when we pick her up she's got a bad tummy. So now, since she is in the kennel often, I'm afraid she is getting use to it. Today we dropped her off prior to going to New Orleans tomorrow and she wagged her tail....waited at the kennel door until I could get there, and then couldn't wait to be taken  back to her run. Should I be offended or concerned?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Only noon and its already been a good day !

Connor, my 9 year old son, called me today! We actually talked for several minutes and it made my day. Ever since his mom moved him away I've missed my son soooo much but today he took the time to call. I love you Connor. I hope this is the start of many phone calls. It doesn't matter if the Rangers or the Utes win because my son called me. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Great Day in Sports !!!!!!!!!

Today, October 9th 2010......The University of Utah travels to Ames Iowa to play Iowa State in football. The number 10 nationally ranked Utes should win and move up in the polls.

Also today, The American League Western Division Champions play game three in their Division Championship Series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The game is in Arlington Texas after the Rangers won both games 1 and 2 in Tampa.....Can you say sweep?

Okay well the Rangers didn't pull it off losing at home 6-3. My opinion, Washington really mismanaged the bull pen. The UTES are ahead of Iowa State 41-14 at the half in Iowa.  I can live with a Rangers loss with a college football team like the UTES.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Celebration to Die For

Kim has been busy the last couple of weeks because she has been coordinating this wonderful fund raising event for Evergreen Cemetery in Riverside California. I was there last year and its really quite an event and sometimes spooky! (should see all the orbs floating around in last years photos). This year she is doing all the coordinating from Texas but will be there for the event itself. If you're in the area, please help support this cause to preserve and restore this historic cemetery.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Go Texas Rangers !!!!!

Go Texas Rangers !  Its been eleven years since the Texas Rangers were in the playoffs and only their fourth time in their history. They are the only franchise never to win a playoff series. You may say the Washington Nationals haven't either but they did when they were the Expos!  I'm a huge Ranger fan and I'm excited about playing Tampa starting today...actually in a few minutes.

I've ordered another box full of "Whispers from the Past" because I've had mechanic friends buy a copy that I really didn't expect. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the interest that has been generated in my writing.

Go Texas Rangers !
Texas Rangers 5     Tampa Bay Rays 1     Let's get 'em again tomorrow !!!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Been working real hard on my 4th novel and feeling very productive for the first time in years. I actually like what I'm writing again...Yay me !!!   Also, Kim and I have started our last go through for my 2nd novel, "The Inca Prophecy". Its my hope it will be available in less than six months but we'll see, sometimes my goals are a little lofty. I've enjoyed writing these stories soooo much. They are so special to me because Kylee, the main character, is a compilation of my three daughters Megan, Amber, and Heather. Some day I'll write more stories with different characters and Connor and Logan will contribute their characteristics to them. "Whispers is selling on and Create Space which is a subsidiary....Still have plenty of copies to sell at work or around the city of Grapevine.

Kim and I have talked for over a year about writing a story together, she is much more eloquent with her language and would be a beautiful writer. Maybe we'll take on this project after my Ireland story is intially written.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Last Two Days

Its been a couple of days since I posted so I have a few things to say. First, I'm so proud of Kim and happy with her new calling in the Webelos. I know I've mentioned this before but I had to have an excuse to post a new picture of my beautiful wife!

Second, Connor received an award yesterday from the principal of his school so here is the blury picture I was provided of him with his work. I sure wish I could have been there and would have been if I'd known. I love my kids, all five of them!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Last Two Days

I've had the last two days off and spent them with Kim. Last night we watched Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and tonight we watched Chuck after Logan's baseball game. I love spending time with my wife. If I'm not called for overtime tomorrow, we'll be spending another evening together.

Whispers is selling on which I'm grateful for. Thanks to those who have purchased it and I sincerely hope you enjoy the read.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Redlands Temple

Kim and I at the Redlands California Temple a few months before we were married in the Logan Temple.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I've been a huge University of Utah football fan for 26 years. I have to admit, when I was attending the U in the early to mid 80's I actually rooted for BYU, embarassing I know. When the cougs won the national championship in 84 I switched and became a devout die hard fan of the Utes. The change came because of BYU fans, they believed they were the best team in the country when in reality they were the only team to go undefeated...against inferior opponents. Washington was the best team in the country that year as well as several others being much better than BYU. The cougs won the Holiday Bowl to win the national championship against a Michigan team that came in 4th in the BIG10 that year. Anyway, to make a long story longer, It's all Utah now and has been since my misguided youth. I've been right there when they won two BCS bowls and also when they haven't done so well. Now, my middle daughter Amber, attends BYU as a freshman. I want to cheer when BYU starts out 2010 at 1-3 but I do feel bad for my daughter. No matter how the Cougs do, I hope Amber enjoys her time there and catches the spirit...oh yeah, and I hope the Utes cream them in November.....!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good day in Sports !!!!

Eleven years ago was the last time the Texas Rangers made it to the playoffs in Major League Baseball. Today, they clinched the game that will send them back. Texas Rangers, the American League West Division Champions !!!!!!!

also.....The University of Utah is playing San Jose State at Rice Eccles Stadium, sure wish I could be there. The Utes are 3-0 so far this season with some very tough games still on their schedule including Notre Dame, BYU, Air Force, and TCU.....Go Utes !!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Tomorrow afternoon, saturday, will be a bachelor for about 36 hours. Kim is going home to visit friends and family and I'll be stuck in Texas doing my real job. I pray for her safe trip and hope she looks forward to returning to me as much as I look forward to having her return.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two exciting things today !!!!

First and more important, I'm so excited and proud for Kim, she is now an official Webelos leader in our local ward/pack. Her family goes way back in scouting from her father, brother, and even nephews and now she can take part in the great tradition. Second, I have 20 copies of "Whispers from the Past" that were delivered today. No more proofs, no more test runs...this is the real thing. I think Kim probably looks better in her uniform than anyone I've ever seen. Good luck to her, I know the Webelos will love her.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a LONG work week comes to a close

Nothing like getting home from a great vacation and going back to work. Tonight marks the end of my 52 hour work week after returning from Belgium. So many things are on my mind. Kim is leaving for Cali this weekend and I always miss her so much but at the same time I know how much she misses her family and friends so I try not to complain. I wrote two pages of the Ireland book tonight and feel pretty good about the direction it's going. I haven't really written anything for three years so for me this is exciting. Anyway, tomorrow finally a day off and I'm celebrating by going to the dentist and home teaching. The bridgework I had done in the mission field 28 years ago is giving up the ghost. Pffft, and they said it would only last 15 years.   :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Favorite Picture

This picture was taken in May at Keukenhof Garden outside of Amsterdam. The garden itself is only open for 8 weeks to visitors and displays every imaginable Tulip you could ever think of.

The Eye of Magog ?????

Okay, now I need some help. I'm currently writing a novel in the Kylee/Daniel series and I've tentatively chosen the title to be "The Eye of Magog". Without knowing the story, how does this title sound? Obviously since I've only written about a quarter of the story there is time to change it....Please give me your opinions. Oh, and BTW, this description on the back of the book is not what happens, just something I wrote so I could complete the cover.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Those who know me know I love to travel. As I've said before, my stories are inspired by places I've seen. I would have to say one of the most interesting places I've been to, and probably the most unique and of mysterious history, is Machu Picchu in Peru. I took my oldest daughter Megan there in March of 2003. My second book, "The Inca Prophecy", takes place within the walls of the mountain citidel as well as some other Inca locations. I really enjoyed my time there with Megan. I think it was one of our best trips. "Whispers from the Past" was dedicated to my parents. "The Inca Prophecy" will be dedicated to Megan when its finally printed.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another week has disappeared

It's saturday again. This means tomorrow starts a new week. As I reflect back over the week now ending I'm so grateful for everything I have. This week we returned safely from Belgium and now everything, or almost everything, is back to normal. I'm back at work. I'm reading the Old Testament again...only 84 pages left, I'm almost back to writing book 4, and I'm loving and adoring my wife Kim more than I can express. She is my biggest support and generally just enjoyable to be around. She says she is comfortable in her "nerdom" but I know she is very cool even though she is always looking for greenmen in Europe's architecture and that she enjoys brass rubbing. (may need to explain this one later) Thanks Kim for saving me! I love you!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is Good !!

Most of the way through my shift on my first night back to work. Already thinking of what we will do next. Kim and I hope to go to Morocco in October. Next year we are planning on taking Heather to Scotland and Connor to either Austria or Panama. There is nothing like taking people you love to distant lands. Is there a book in any of this?.......I don't know, I guess we will see.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ten day vacation from work comes to an end

This is it....tomorrow back to work! I have to say its been an enjoyable ten days. Not only did Kim, Logan, and I visit Belgium but the last day I've been in Utah visiting my kids and parents. I watched my awesome daughter Heather play volleyball for her school and spent some time with Connor at a park. I wish I had seen Amber but schedules did not work out. For sure next time. I also got to spend a little bit of time with mom and dad...on my way home now. I look forward to being with Kim and getting back to work to pay for my vacation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whispers from the Past now Available

Whispers from the Past is now available from's Create Space......I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it!    Purchase it at this link

Whispers from the Past now Available

My first book, "Whispers from the Past", is now available at this link.....I hope all who read it enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home from Belgium

Home from Belgium! What a wonderful vacation! I only wish I could have shared it with all of my children. I asked Kim what her favorite part was as we were driving home from the airport and she answered, Gravensteen Castle, the Brugge canal cruise, and meeting some friends, Rian and Marc, from the Netherlands. I agree completely. Here are some last pictures of our trip.

On another note....the 3rd proof of "Whispers from the Past" was waiting for me in my mailbox when we arrived home. One quick glance and then approval which will make my first story available on at this link

Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Belgium and having a Great Time

In Belgium and having a great time. We spent the first night in Ghent and saw the coolest castle. The castle of the counts or Gravensteen Castle for those who speak Dutch. My favorite castle I've seen. We also took a canal cruise and climbed a huge tower that overlooked the entire city....252 steps. Now in Brugge and doing a lot of the same things, canal cruise, towers etc. Ghent and Brugge are both Medieval cities and we've enjoyed them a lot.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On our way !!!!

Well the stupid storm Hermine didn't deter us yet. Kim, Logan, and I are on a MD-80 at this minute on our way to Chicago. The flight is full and I have to admit I perspired a little worrying about getting on. We made it though and tomorrow with further luck we will be on our flight to Brussels. Everything is going good, Kim even purchased me a big cookie. No pictures yet but hopefully soon. We will be staying in Chicago overnight and maybe even have a chance to participate in their pizza.......

Monday, September 6, 2010

My job....well...the one I make money at

I've been an aviation maintenance technician for around 15 years for American Airlines. I work at DFW airport and currently my job is to either taxi airplanes from the terminal to the hangar or park the ones that are taxied. I also goldhofer airplanes which is a tractor that picks the nose wheels off the ground and then drags/pushes it to wherever you need it. This was an MD-80 in front of us when we brought an airplane over tonight. Working for the airline has given me the ability to travel...its because of the travel I've been inspired to write the Kylee/Daniel Richards stories. I love both my job with American and writing.

On Labor Day...In honor of my parents who are the greatest examples I know

This picture was taken when I worked for Eastern Airlines in the late 80's. I went to Barbados with my parents and had a great time. The flight schedule was not the greatest out of Salt Lake City and here we were on the way home after having flown all night. My parents are 88 and 85 as of this last June. I want them to know how much I love them and how badly I miss them with me living in Texas. They really are the two greatest people I know and did everything they could to raise me right. I hope in some small way my life's accomplishments will honor them. I have a long, long way to go to come close to what they deserve. They have labored for me their entire lives.