Kim and me

Kim and me

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's been a while. It's now a new year and hopefully a better one than last year.

In 1975, my father had his first open heart surgery and i lost 3 of my grandparents to old age. My mom complained to my dad's heart surgeon about what a bad year it had been. He disagreed and said it had been a banner year...You're three parents are happier than they have ever been and we saved your husband's life. This heart surgeon was named Russel M. Nelson, pioneer in open heart surgery and future apostle.

2012 was my banner year. I lost both my parents within five months of each other and then within a month of my mom's passing I lost my dog to throat cancer.

Now it is February and things are looking up in some respects. First, we got a new dog last December. Winston, or Winnie to his friends, was found wandering the streets of Keller Texas and spent some time in the animal shelter before we adopted him. It was a close call because he was slated to be put down. And now, we have a wonderful Daschund mix who loves us every day.

On the other hand....some things aren't any better but instead much worse. My daughter Megan is having some of her own problems which I have been praying about all week. I hope it works out for her so she can be as happy as possible.

I"m writing again, I've deleted World of Tanks from my computer and steadily working on 'The Eye of Magog' which is book 4 in the Daniel and Kylee Richards series. Hopefully it will be available sometime the end of this summer or early fall. It's my favorite story so far.

I do have an exciting project coming up after the 'The Eye' is completed. It will be my first attempt at a non fiction story and will require Kim and I to do some traveling to France. More on this as it gets closer to me starting.

I'm still writing articles and had two published this year so far. One on New Orleand and one on Copenhagen Denmark. I am currently writing an article on Sintra Portugal that should be completed very, very soon. Anyway, here are two links for the two that have been published.

This year is looking up for me. I pray continually for Megan, Amber, Heather, and Connor as well as my new family of Kim and Logan.

Winston Churchill Hale