Kim and me

Kim and me

Friday, December 31, 2010

An end to the holidays

Well, it didn't happen like Kim and I had planned but the holidays come to an end tomorrow. Unfortunately I've had bronchitis the last 3 or 4 days which has kept me from doing some of the things I had wanted go to work tonight.  :)  Connor, Heather, and Amber all left for home today and I'm already terribly sad and missing Connor tremendously. He and I have such a good time together and he enjoys it here in Texas whenever he can come. Amber and Heather had plenty of time with their friends and sister Megan but I sure would have liked to spend more time with them for Christmas. We had so much planned that we didn't do like ty dyeing t shirts and stuff, we didn't do it because we were incomplete. Anyway, Connor enjoyed ice skating, the movie Tron, the Tarantula train from Grapevine to the stockyards, and so many other things. It was a good few days with him. I can't wait until I get to see him again.

I've written my 2nd article for the Mormon Times but it has not been edited yet. I haven't written anything new in the Ireland book for a couple of weeks but look forward to that opportunity when I start my new shift at work. Terminal A section A1...I'll be working on live planes again instead of driving or parking them.

Been an emotional week.....I hope the recovery comes quickly...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Published in the Mormon Times online edition

It's been a while since posting and this is for good reason, I was waiting for today!

This morning my first travel blog was published in "The Mormon Times" online edition. It's the story about my daughter Amber and I traveling to Thailand to see the tigers of the Buddhist Tiger Temple. I hope you will all read and enjoy the blog because there are many more to follow.

Because of my job with American Airlines, I have the opportunity to travel a lot. I love the other cultures I've visited and have tried to express my admiration and interest by writing my novels. Now I have another voice with the newspaper and I'm going to take every advantage of it.

Thanks to my beautiful wife Kim. Her encouragement and support have been immense. I could not have done any of this without her. Her knowledge of the English language and her own creative writing ability is THE reason why I'm published and why I love to write. Thanks sweetheart.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bangkok and the Tiger Temple blog

My first blog has been accepted by Deseret News Corporation for the Mormon Times! Not sure if this means it will definitely be in print or not but its gone to the editors and hopefully will be on the online version soon. My thanks to Kim for proofing it for me and tweaking it in ways that only made it better. Thanks to Amber for going on such an amazing trip with me a few years ago. We played with actual tigers!

Next blog idea will be Ghent Belgium and the castle of the counts.....hopefully we can keep this ball rolling. Getting my name out there is a huge thing because I need help promoting my novels. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bitz and Pieces

I've been at work 9 hours already and still have 5 1/2 to go. While I've been sitting here a few thoughts have crossed my they are

I have 25 copies of Whispers from the Past available. It would make a great Christmas present for teens or older. If anyone would like one please contact me or go to where its still available as a paperback or for the kindle.

Flew to Utah to see Connor three days ago. While I was attempting to get my rental car to go pick him up from day camp (he is off track from school) I was told my license had expired and they could not rent me a car. I had renewed online on November 1st but the new licnese had not arrived yet and I'd forgotten the one I've been driving with wasn't any good. I didn't get to see Connor and I still feel very bad about the missed opportunity.

Kim and Logan are in California celebrating Christmas three weeks early with family-wish I could be there but I had to stay behind to work. My days off don't coincide with theirs. Anyway, wishing and hoping Kim and Logan have a great time while I am working and trying to make extra money to pay off the plane tickets I've had to purchase for my kids to fly down here for Christmas....can't wait to see them!!!!!!

Hoping to take Connor to Portugal in February when he is off track again. I have all kinds of things planned. Lots of castles and palaces as well as a church made of bones and skulls and a marionette museum. I pray it all works out where I can get him a passport in time so he can enjoy the international travel his sisters have enjoyed for a decade.