Kim and me

Kim and me

Monday, April 22, 2013

'The Eye of Magog' is finished and headed to the editor. I think it's definitely my best story yet!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting really excited about the progress I've made the last few weeks. I'm currently four chapters and twelve pages away from finishing my rewrite of 'The Eye of Magog'. After which, it will be sent to an editor. 

This story is my best to date. I think the writing is better as I recognize the little bad habits I've had in my writing in the past and hopefully, I've been able to eliminate most of them.

And the story itself is soooo cool! Especially for those who like the Daniel and Kylee Richards series of stories I've written so far. 

My goal is to have it out by the end of the summer or early fall at the latest.

I'm also excited to have my first vacation since October. On Tuesday, the 30th of April, Kim, Logan, and I will be jetting off to the UK. And yes, there will be a Deseret News article about our adventures. 

We plan on renting a car in London and driving to Cardiff Wales for a night, seeing Stonehenge on the way. The next day we will drive to Edinburgh Scotland and spend three nights there visiting Edinburgh Castle, Rossalyn Chapel, Holyrood Palace and so many other things. We even plan on taking a ghost walking tour through Greyfriar's cemetery and the Covenentor's prison.

Our last night, after a long drive back to London, will be spent most likely doing brass rubbings at the brass rubbing center off Trafalgar Square. 

After our return, I'll be doing prep work for my upcoming non-fiction novel about Sgt. James Weldon Mellody; my first attempt at a real meaningful story that in itself is incredible.

Thank you to my friend and rifle collecting partner James and his family for allowing me to write this fabulous story. 

Also thank to my wife Kim for her continuing support, and my children for just being tolerant of me when I haven't always been there.  (Megan, Amber, Heather, Connor, and Logan)

Stay tuned and get excited!