Kim and me

Kim and me

Friday, March 22, 2013

During the 1980's I had a real interest in guns. At that point I'd owned a .22 Winchester model 190 that my father gave me for Christmas when I was about twelve or thirteen. After my mission I became pretty good friends with my Bishop, who was a hunter, and my best friend at the time was also a hunter. During the course of two years, I purchased 4 rifles and a couple of hand guns. 

When my first daughter started to walk, I sold my guns even though I had them locked away in a safe. The money that I got helped to put me through A&P school. I have not owned a gun since until two months ago when I purchased an inexpensive world war 2 Russian Mosin Nagant. Since then, I've purchased 3 other military surplus, world war 2 circa guns.

I have been told that if I'd had this interest when I met my wife, it would have been a deal breaker. 

Wondering now, what has gone wrong.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On March 30th, it will be one year since my father passed away. I'm just wondering, does it continue to get harder the more time that goes by? Lately I've been waking several times a night and dreaming about both my mom and dad dying. Very sad dreams. I miss them both so much! And, for me anyway, it gets harder and harder. I miss their unconditional love and support...their kind words and dad's sense of humor and my mother's work ethic. I hope at some point, it will begin to get easier.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Working hard on the re-write of 'The Eye of Magog'. Hopefully, it will be completed by the first of May and then sent off to an editor. After editing, Kim will have the final say on any last minute changes. With a little luck and hard work, it will be out in the fall.

I'm extremely stoked to begin my next project. I have no idea what the title will be and it will not be a fictional work in the Daniel/Kylee series. Instead, it will be a non fiction book about Sgt. James Weldon Melody, the grandfather of a friend I work with. His B-26 was shot down over France and he landed in a tree in Elisabethville. After 305 days in a POW campe he came home and didn't say too much about his war experiences. There is some real remarkable events that happened after his death in 2004 that add to the story a great deal. Stay tuned!