Kim and me

Kim and me

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eye of Magog completed !!!!

The Eye of Magog is complete.....taking a break for a month or two from it to finish some other projects then going through my first rewrite. I think this story is my personal favorite of the four I've written but 'The Inca Prophecy' would be a close second.
speaking of 'The Inca Prophecy', it should be out very, very soon. My wife is almost finished going through it the last time, telling me what she likes and doesn't, after I evaluate it, it will be in print.
News articles for The Deseret News and The Mormon Times has been so much fun. I've had five published between the two papers, 3 of which were front page printings of the Deseret News travel section.
Our own personal DFW employee weekly newspaper has picked up my travel articles. Amber and the tiger were splashed on its front page this last week. Thank you to Deseret Connect for allowing the employee paper to print them.

I'm excited about my writing.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Greek Isle Article Published in Deseret News Web

Last night another article was published in the Deseret News Web. This will be #5 and I'm pretty excited about it. I feel bad for my daughter Heather though, I wrote an article on Montreal, Canada which was a trip she went on but they have not published it yet. I am thinking my next assignment will be on Ireland which was all Heather.

Oh so close to finishing 'The Eye of Magog'. I'm probably going to finish it up in the next week or two. Then the next thing for that work is a break and then a re-write. I really, really like the story but there is always room to improve it.

Kim and I are about half way done finishing 'The Inca Prophecy' s last edit. I'm hoping to have it in print in maybe a month and then we'll go over it again and then it will be on the market. I know my dad is really looking forward to it even though he has read it before.

That leaves 'The Kiwi Conspiracy'. I'm going to make a couple of changes to things that are inacurate and then, maybe a rewrite. We'll see after the other two works are done.

I'm loving to write. I appreciate that so many people here at work have enjoyed 'Whispers from the Past'. I'll keep it up as long as I enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Eye of Magog

'The Eye of Magog' is nearing completion! I first thought of the story probably 3 years ago and now its almost finished. What will I do next? I have less than 8,000 words to write and ususally at this stage of one of my stories the writing comes very fast. I love the story, probably my favorite in the series so far. Thanks to my daughter Heather for going to Ireland with me. I love her so much but I don't get a chance to tell her very often. She is a special girl with a huge heart. When it is published, it will be dedicated to you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whispers from the Past has first book review

I was thrilled this morning to open find "Whispers from the Past" has been reviewed. Thanks to Danica Baird from the Mormon Times for her favorable evaluation.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Sitting here at work and evaluating the last few months.

I'm sure enjoying writing for Deseret Connect....I've had four articles in the Mormon Times and two have made the cover print edition of the Deseret News. Kim and I have 2 more articles submitted and another one in the next day or two. I hope people enjoy reading about the places I've personally seen. I have so many memories of some of the greatest places on the planet. I hope I can keep making memories with Kim.

The Eye of Magog -4th novel in the Kylee/Daniel series- is coming along great! I've ripped right through 57,000 words on the way who knows how many. I really like the story and how its progressing.

After the Eye is done. I'll evaluate whether I need to re-write book 3 or not. I liked the story before but its been so long since I've seen it I don't remember if I can improve it or not. Either way, I need an editor.

Life is good. Work is still there with AA. Kim and I are hoping to work out days off so we can do some traveling this spring. Had hopes of going to Scotland but between a lack of money and other things we needed to do...we'll see if we make it.

Life is good. Miss my children and want them to know how much I love them. Wish I could express it more often.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


One more day off from work. I've had two weeks of vacation in the last three weeks. This week, was just spent at home with Kim which in a way was better than our week in Orlando.
I'm pretty happy with the success of the Cuzco, Peru article. Out of the four that have been published, Peru is second most popular next to the Budhist Tiger Temple.
I've been working pretty hard on Ireland story. I'm about 54,000 words into it and if the pattern holds, I have about 20,000 more words to go. Of course I don't plan on these things but all three previous books are around 75,000 words.
I'm on the very last "go over" on The Inca Prophecy. Kim will have some spare time the next few weeks and hopefully between the two of us we'll have it ready to print in a month or two. I'm working on chapter 6 right now.
I am planning an article for the newspaper on Paris, France and they already have two more. One on the international firework competition in Montreal and another on the 3 of the most popular Greek Isles. I'm having fun with these and actually trying to branch out to the new DFW employee paper.
I teach Elder's this sunday. Lesson is on love, charity, service. We've been the recipients of great service this last week. Hopefully, with prayer, I'll be able to have a memorable lesson. Our Elders group is very, very easy to teach.I'll be back with more next week!
Here we are with retired shuttle astronaut Winston Scott