Kim and me

Kim and me

Friday, February 21, 2014

Just had an extraordinary time with my wife Kim in San Jose, California. She had always wanted to see the Winchester Mystery House so I took her to celebrate her birthday. The house was amazing and so was our hotel, the 99 year old Claremont Hotel and Resort in Berkley where we could see San Francisco across the bay. Even though it was just one night, we had an amazing time!

Still working on my non fiction story from World War II. Honestly, it is taking much longer than I anticipated to write. I think my problem is that because it's non fiction, I'm trying to be as historically accurate as possible. I've also had so many distractions. Between traveling, moving into a new home, the holidays, and having some weird physical things happen the last few months, I've been pretty busy. 

Rest assured however, I still am writing and thinking all the time about the best way to proceed. Maybe I need to set some goals to help me achieve writing this monumental story of courage, dedication, and patriotism. James and Philippe....I promise I am still working!

The fourth book in the Kylee/Daniel series is almost complete. Kim is going over it one more time and I'll make the final changes before printing. Honestly, of the four, it is my favorite story.

I didn't write much about Romania in my blog but here is the link to the story I wrote in the Deseret News. I think the next international travel will be Switzerland/Austria with Kim and Connor this May.

I will try to be more diligent in updating my blog. Thanks for reading!


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