Kim and me

Kim and me

Monday, July 22, 2013

Exciting Times ahead for my writing - 

Sunday my 20th article was published in the Deseret News. You can find the article at this link

Edinburgh was a fantastic trip! I hope I did Scotland justice in this piece for the paper.

Also, in other news...

I've finished preparing my submission for Cedar Fort Publishing of "The Eye of Magog". I have a positive feeling about this submission; I hope I'm not excited for nothing. I feel good about it because they are looking for submission of exactly what I write. Word count, number of pages, content are all in line with what I do in my books. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping you are too.

In addition to sending "The Eye of Magog", I'm also submitting the actual paperbacks of my three previous books. How exciting would it be for them to pick up the entire series? I'm praying this happens but if it doesn't, I will publish "Eye" by Create Space like I self published the previous three.

Also, in other news, I'm writing away on my non fiction novel which to this point is untitled. This is an entirely different type of project that requires extra care since real people are involved. I'm loving the story and thank you so much to my wife Kim for her support, counsel, and love she gives me every day.

And, in a side note - Heading to Miami for 5 weeks. Leaving on Sunday the 28th of July, I'll begin my first factory aviation school. I'll be learning the Airbus A-320. This should actually give me some time to write without distractions. I'll have my own hotel room and lots of spare time.

Thanks for following my blog and if you like to read, pick up one of my books and enjoy!


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